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Iwamoto Shaving Set

Razor, Gift Box & Strop

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Owing to its high quality of material and exceptional hand-made construction, the Iwamoto T. W 1918 has earned the name TITAN for good reason. Rich, solid mahogany scales complement its hardened Japanese carbon steel blade.

This complete shaving set includes a mahogany gift box and ox leather strop, making it ready for traditional barber-style shaving.

Iwamoto Titan 7/8" Details

  • Blade width: 7/8"
  • Edge length: 2.68"
  • Steel hardness: 63-65 HRC
  • Steel type: Hardened high-carbon
  • Grind: Half hollow
  • Point: Dutch (round)
  • Scales: Mahogany, stainless steel
  • Weight: 3oz
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Iwamoto Titan | Forged in Tradition Since 1918

Japanese HIgh Carbon Steel

Better Steel, Better Blade.

  • Hardened carbon steel (63-65 HRC) maximizes durability and ease of use.
  • Shave-ready, sharpened by hand
  • Professional-grade for a great close shave every time.

Mahogany Body

Solid Craftsmanship.

  • Rich mahogany body, carved by hand
  • The natural wood grain makes every razor a unique work of craftsmanship
  • 24K gold Iwamoto Titan seal
  • Iwamoto 7/8" Titan

    This set features our shave-ready, professional Japanese steel razor with solid mahogany wood handle.

  • Mahogany Display Box

    The included matching carved mahogany wood gift & display box matches the Titan's body perfectly.

  • Double-Sided Strop

    This denim and leather double-sided strop makes it easy to keep the razor at peak performance.