Giacinto in front of his barbershop, 1964

The Legend

About Giacinto

Originally from the Campobasso region of Italy, Giacinto started his first barbershop in Montreal, Canada in 1953. Though he sadly passed in 2009, he is fondly remembered by his family and customers as a local legend and pillar of his community.

Giacinto's Full Story
Barber pole outside in daytime

The Legend Continues

A Fresh Start

Giacinto's remains our family business, building upon the long and continuing legacy of bringing out the best in men by now providing barbershop-inspired beard care and shaving products all over the US and Canada.

Two tins of Giacinto's beard balm

Barbershop Quality Products

Bring the Experience Home

Giacinto's brings the old-fashioned barbershop experience to you with our beard care and shaving products inspired by three generations of our family's tradition of making every man feel like a king.